Friday, March 13, 2009


Around a month ago I was at the public library in Indy. I was with a friend & it was about to close so I just went outside to wait on the steps for my friend. I called her to let her know where I was for when she was done. As I was getting out my phone a little girl who was leaving the library with her mom and brother got out her pretend plastic cell phone, I caught her eye & caught on. So as the phone was ringing for my friend I pretended to be talking to this little girl. My friend answered so I quickly really talked to her still watching this little girl as she was walking away "talking to me" on the phone. When my friend hung up, I didn't and then pretended to say goodbye to my new little friend. No one noticed this little phone conversation except for her and me. I think it's the best conversation I've had on the phone though.

1 comment:

  1. that's because u never called me ! :) .. then again it's long distance..
    u promised to send me a song and u didn't..

    I like u'r blog !
    bye bye miss PB&J.