Thursday, March 12, 2009


There is a man that walks past our house sometimes. I don't think he speaks English. The first time he walked by we said hi to him and he stopped, looked like he had no idea what to do, got a huge smile on his face and gave us a thumbs up sign. The last time he walked by he wasn't walking very straight. We said hi to him and he stopped, came to our fence (I thought he was going to jump it), leaned against it, smiled, slowly put his finger to his mouth and said "shhh." I still laugh thinking about it.

We have 2 friends that live down the street. Their neighbor boy is 6. He came by our house the other day with a big blow-up baseball. He thought he was funny kicking the ball into our yard. I thought I was funny when I took it and threatened not to give it back. He hit me with the newspaper on our porch that is delivered everyday & we never read. I changed the game into baseball with a blow-up ball and a newspaper bat. That was more fun than getting hit.

Yesterday we were at my friends' house. The neighbor boy came over to play with their dog. Then he & I passed the basketball back and forth and I was the hoop. Then he brought me a brownie. Then he tried roasting a raw sausage over the citrinella candle. Then he dropped it a couple times so it was a raw sausage with one tiny spot burnt, covered in wax. He went home for a second & when he got back we told him we accidentally dropped it and the dog got it. But really we tossed that nasty thing. Then he said "it's ok, I have 2 more!" shoving his hand full of raw sausage into my face. We convinced him to let us actually cook them for him inside. Then he dropped the cooked sausages and the dog really got them.

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