Monday, March 16, 2009


At times when I have told people where I live now, they say things like "Oh, be careful" or "Isn't that kind of shady?" or "I've heard that neighborhood isn't very good." Well, to all of you- I love it. For one thing, I want to be intentional about living in a place some people consider "shady." Which if we are being honest, some people consider anything that isn't white & anything but middle to upper class "shady." But I want to tell you about this supposed "shady" place I live-

Ever since our lawn mower broke, the grass in our yard miraculously & randomly gets shorter. For some reason, it's always the same day that the yard of the neighbors across the street is mowed.

Friday there was a bag of garden grown tomatoes on the gate of my fence. I assume they were from the older couple across the street because one day when we were sitting on our front porch they brougth us some.

My neighbor lets the kids in the neighborhood walk her dogs sometimes. She also took one of the neighbor girl's cats to the vet when it got sick.

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