Monday, July 8, 2013

I Love...

I started this list in 2004 I think and have been adding to it a bit since that time.  What do you love?

I love the feeling of walking barefoot in sand. 
I love the sound of a tennis ball and racquet connecting on a perfect swing. 
I love animals, especially dogs, and even cats, although I say I don’t. 
I love walking in the woods and climbing mountains. 
I love sunsets. I love watching them and taking pictures of them. And I’d probably love sunrises too if I even slightly enjoyed mornings and ever woke up to see one. 
I love when someone is so excited about something, they make me excited too, even if I didn’t originally care at all about what they’re excited about. 
I love to be tickled. Not the annoying poking kind, but the nice, soft, relaxing kind. 
I love pop rocks. Especially when I get one so big it kind of hurts when it pops. 
I love music and I love to sing and dance (alone), even though I’m not good and don’t know much about it. 
I love hugs. 
I love the way my mouth feels right after I brush my teeth. 
I love watching little kids. And I love playing little games with them when their parents aren’t watching.
I love those moments in life when I feel deep joy and peace. 
I love laughing so hard that I cry. 
I love those moments when I am talking with someone and one of us says “oh my gosh, me too!” 
I love the smell of pine trees and the way they whisper when the wind blows through them. 
I love summer thunder storms- the sights, sounds & smells of them and the tense excited feeling I get when they come. 
I love getting notes and messages from people for no reason other than for them to say “I love you.” 
I love crunching leaves under my feet in the fall and I will go out of my way to step on an extra-crunchy-looking leaf. 
I love finding a new song that I love so much that I basically have it on repeat for about 2 weeks straight. 
I love people watching. 
I love looking up into the night sky when there are big fluffy white snowflakes falling down.
I love the time of day I call The Golden Hour. When the sun is setting and the world looks as though it is glowing.
I love getting so absorbed into a good foreign movie that I eventually don’t even realize I am reading subtitles.


  1. Love all your loves! In my own life what I love most of all is my little 1 1/2 year old granddaughter pressing her face against the door watching for Grammie to come! Also her sweet kisses. Absolutely nothing like it in the whole wide world.

    1. Thanks for answering Anita! I bet it's amazing being a grandmother! And I bet you are a great one!

  2. Oh I love that tennis racquet sound too! When the ball hits the "sweet spot" as Mr. Schuh would say :) I would also add the smell of new tennis balls when you first open the can.

    Some of my personal loves are:
    Receiving random text messages that make me smile. Lazy Sundays where you don't have anywhere to be and you can sleep in and watch movies or read in bed all day. Drinking wine with my mom. Hugs from Jason's kids. The feeling of sun on my face.

    1. And the face tingly feeling you get from riding a motorcycle. I love that feeling!