Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dear 10 Year Old Me

I saw somewhere, I can't remember where, someone suggest writing a letter to 10 year old you.  So I thought about this.  What would I say to 10 year old me?  I thought about warning 10 year old me about things that would happen, or things to do or not do, or tell 10 year old me about great things that will happen, or things to not worry about, etc.  This is what I ended up writing to 10 year old me-

Dear 10 year old me,

I could write you and tell you all these things about your future.  Things that will happen, things about who you are and who you become.  Things to do and things not to do.  Things you don’t need to worry about.  But all of the things you will go through will help to shape you into who you become, and you will be happy with who you become.  It won’t be easy to get there, there will be pain and you will make mistakes, but without them, you wouldn’t become me.  So all I will tell you is to look for the beauty.  Look for the beauty in the world, the beauty in the small things, the beauty in the pain.  Don’t run or hide from the pain and the hard times, just remember to look for the beauty in them.


27 year old me

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  1. Very good advice to yourself. Especially ~" Don't run or hide from the pain and the hard times." Without pain and hard times we would be totally worthless. But yes, along with that we must see the beauty in EVERYTHING..