Sunday, June 10, 2012

Great Weekend

Recently Indiana made national news.  Not for a good thing.  In a church in Greenwoood a 3-year-old boy sang a song about "ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven."  At this line the whole congregation gave a standing ovation.  Hate is taught.  And it's national news.  However, this weekend was Indy Pride.  I wish the national news would mention how many churches were a part of the Indy Pride parade and festival.  I don't know how many exactly, but it was a good amount.  I got teary eyed a few times during the parade.  Once when I first got there, seeing a whole city celebrate a people who are so often discriminated against.  Also when many of the churches went by sharing their love for ALL their neighbors, not just the straight ones.  And also when 120+ youth walked by.  Seriously?  That many kids recognize who they are and are proud of it and/or accept their fellow classmates for who they are rather than bullying them to their death (as we see in the news so often)? 

Then tonight one of my favorite singers performed AT MY COUSINS' HOUSE!  I didn't even know my cousin knew who she was.  I love the small concerts I go to, I love house concerts even more.  And to see 2 of my worlds collide- my family world and my music world- I always love that.  Watching someone do what they love because they love it in front of a crowd who truly appreciates it always brings tears to my eyes.  Thank you Rachael Sage for sharing your gifts.

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