Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cab Driver

I love cab drivers.  Mostly because usually they are from foreign countries and I can often talk about Africa with them or use some of the Arabic I know:).  Last night that wasn't the case, but it was my favorite cab driver I've had so far.

He was an older (older being relative, not old-old, but older to me) soft-spoken African American man.  We talked about his cats and my dog and some small chat, but then he started telling me about his art.  He can draw anything and does graphic design and airbrush art but his passion is designing clothes.  He started designing clothes in 10th grade.  He used to draw so much his friends told him he was going to go crazy.  He had some of his design sketches with him and let me look at them.  He says they are a futuristic style.  I told him some of them looked like something Michael Jackson would have worn.  He said he designed some for Michael and always dreamed of meeting him and being able to show them to him. He told me that he has dreams where his design ideas come to him.  Sometimes a dream of a whole fashion show of new ideas.  So now he keeps a notebook by his bed so he can sketch them before he forgets them.

We talked about how I always wanted to be a children's author and how before I could write I would tell my grandma stories and she would write them down for me and I would draw the pictures.  He told me he always pushed his daughter to write stories too and that she loved it like I did.

He was sweet and exuded a gentleness about him.  I loved hearing about his passion and was honored that he shared some of it with me.  He got a good tip :)


  1. I hope both you and the cab driver realize your dreams! Let us know when your first children's story is published!

  2. As I told the cab driver, my mom told me I had to get a "real" job too so I could pay the bills...and so I chose social work...hahaha!

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