Sunday, December 5, 2010


I am now nannying for 2 families. While I haven't posted on here lately and can't really think of specific "little-big" moments lately, I believe due to needing to reconnect with a lot of things (mostly myself), I am seeing how I come to notice and feel this way about the "little-big things." I point out the little things to the kids- how the shadows get bigger and smaller depending on how close to the light the object is, a bird's nest in a tree, a hot-air balloon floating through the sky,a squirrel scurrying up a tree, the light reflecting off of something and making rainbows on the wall, etc. I don't normally think twice about it. Just comes naturally for me, but sometimes I realize that the things I point out to them are things a lot of people would just overlook. It comes so naturally to me though because my mom and grandma always did that with me. They taught me to notice and appreciate these things. So I guess, we can thank them for this blog. :)

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  1. Was nice to read a post from you. I keep up a little about you through Dania. You're a wonderful person.