Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hope In The Social Security Office

I work with refugees so I am often at the social security office. You can imagine that this is a boring place often with a lot of frustrated people. But everyonce in awhile something small happens that restores my faith in humanity (what this blog is devoted to really) and the other day something happened at the social security office that brought tears to my eyes. An older woman came in and started to sit down. About 3 people told her that she needed to get a number first and 2 of the 3 got up to help her figure out the touch-screen. The woman who helped her didn't stop there though, she sat down with her and helped her fill out the application for a new social security card. People could have ignored this woman, let her figure it out herself, let someone else do it, but a few different people (different types of people too) took the time to help someone different than them that didn't even ask for the help.

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