Friday, May 1, 2009

Cheese Puffs

Yesterday was Dine for Life. If you ate at certain restaurants 50% of the cost of your meal went to the HIV/AIDS center in town. We ate at a nice restaurant downtown & parked in a parking garage. When we left two ladies were working in the booth where you pay when you drive out. They had off-brand cheese puffs. I imagined that off-brand cheese puffs would taste like foam or cardboard. I said aloud "I wonder if off-brand cheese puffs taste as good." So my friend who was driving asked the ladies how they were. They said they were good & said "here, you want to try some." I was full from my meal, but there are some things you just can't say no to & one is the parking garage ladies offering you cheese puffs. Really? I mean, how often does that happen? And they were right! They were just as good as name brand kinds. No more name brand cheese puffs for me, Kroger brand is great!

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