Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Is Why I Love Where I Live

I just got back from Kroger. The Kroger I go to is always an interesting experience, but today was definitely the most unbelievable! It started as I was parking. An old man in a suit jacket was walking & I stopped to let him pass but he waved me on in an extravagant way to let me go first & then he did a little dance. I thought "aw, that's fun." Then we were both in the produce section. He did a little manuver to toss items into his cart & I told him "nice!" He didn't say anything though. Then I was getting apples. He came up by the apples to & was looking at some & then said "oh look at these." I looked & he was holding a white pet rat. Then he put it in a pocket inside his jacket & walked away. I go "he's cute." The man just kind of nodded & walked away. Really? Did that really happen? I couldn't believe it & had no idea how to react. I just laughed the rest of the time I did my shopping.

Then when I went by the discout Easter stuff an old lady picked up a stuffed sheep & said "Oh what a cute sheep!" really loudly & then just started laughing & shaking it in front of her face.


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